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Management Services

             LeVan Asset Management Corporation’s basic objective is to produce maximum profitability and increase the value of the asset. Additionally, we believe in timely and accurate reporting and are absolutely committed to integrity and ethics.

                To achieve these results we tailor management procedures for each property. LeVan Asset Management performs the following management services for each property:

·         Conduct on-site inspections and evaluations.

·         Review the immediate market and evaluate the property’s position within that market.

·         Review all existing leases and abstract pertinent information.

·         Review all existing service contracts and evaluate all suppliers and vendors.

·         Establish all control and reporting responsibilities and requirements.

·         Take action to correct conditions which are a potential liability exposure.

·         Conduct a routine monthly property inspection and prepare summary report of activity and conditions.

·         Implement maintenance programs.

·         Establish tenant service request procedures and logs.

·         Prepare monthly financial reports.

 Leasing Services

 To assure that all income producing properties are competitive in the marketplace and are achieving maximum rental income we perform the following:

·         Conduct market surveys and analyses

·         Actively pursue renewal of tenant leases.

·         Develop lease formats and review with legal counsel.

·         Coordinate leasing requirements with local real estate brokers.

·         Negotiate all prospective leases on behalf of the property owner.

 Sales/Marketing Services

 The competitive nature of the commercial real estate market requires a comprehensive and proactive approach to marketing real estate including the following:

·         Evaluate the subject property to insure a thorough understanding of the current market conditions which affect it.

·         Evaluate owner’s goals and motivations.

·         Perform competitive market study.

·         Develop preliminary and long term marketing plan.

·         document prospect response to owner.

 Litigation Support Services

 Mr. LeVan has acted as Court-appointed Receiver in foreclosure actions to protect the loan collateral.  He has extensive receivership experience involving all  types of commercial property and is recognized by major financial institutions and their legal counsel.

LeVan Asset Management Corp.
8250 College Pkwy. #201
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